She’s Gonna Blow!

I see it’s been a while since I posted—close to two months, in fact. As to why I’ve been remiss, as I told a fellow blogger, I just haven’t been in the mood to post. And when I started this blog (my fourth), I made myself a promise I wouldn’t force myself to post, that I would only do so when inspiration struck. My previous blogs got mired down because they began to feel like a job: I had to show up at the appointed time and produce or some calamitous event might occur. I’ve never been good with that. Too much pressure. I held down a job for many years and was seldom absent, but in that context, calamity would strike if I didn’t show. Things like losing my house or vehicle, not eating, and such. A blog is another kettle of fish…or whatever.

Shortly after my last post, this whole Covid-19 thing reared its ugly, diseased head. I was in the middle of writing a short story set on an alternate Earth (I’ve written five with the same setting) that just kept going and going, so I decided to take some time off WordPress to complete it. The thing ended up in novelette territory—over 17,000 words. I’m not quite sure what to do with it. Should I send it out to magazines, a process that might take months (or never) to place, with little payment for my time? Publish it in installments here? Shove it in a drawer and forget about it? Any suggestions?

Anyway, after completing the story, my creative juices flowed in another direction. Two directions actually: baking and sewing. In the baking department, I made yeast breads, quick breads, muffins, and other goodies, things I’m an old hand at, before deciding I wanted to try something I haven’t before: sourdough bread. And to make the bread, I needed a starter. I’m trying to grow my own, and so far, have killed one, water too warm, I think, and am now attempting another. I have bubbles and growth, so I think (hope) I’m on the right track.


As for sewing, I learned the how-to on my mama’s old Singer treadle machine when I was a wee one, probably younger than ten. I’m not sure about the age but remember making doll clothes on it. And for a good part of my adult life, I continued to sew off and on, but quite a few years ago, except for mending, I stopped. To be honest, I hadn’t broken out my machine for any reason in probably 8 or 10 years, then I couldn’t find the face masks we were all told to wear, no way, no how. No problem, I thought, I’ll make them.

You should have heard my poor machine when I put the pedal to the metal—squeak, squeak, squeak. But I persevered, stitching along a piece of scrap fabric, turn, stitch another row, again and again until my machine was sewing as smoothly and quietly as it had when it had been put out to pasture so many years ago. I would expect no less from a Singer.

To my surprise, I enjoyed making the masks, so much so that I’m now itching to make something. Anything! I need new potholders, so I think I’ll make a few to get back in practice, then move on to something bigger. I haven’t decided yet what that might be, but being mostly housebound for the foreseeable future, I’ve got to come up with something to keep myself occupied and in a different room than Husband. Our marriage may depend on it.

In this time of rabid intolerance, can you imagine being married to someone whose political views are the opposite of yours? Okay, before Covid-19 this was manageable, just don’t talk politics. But with the cable news networks now blasting information/disinformation 24/7, Husband has been stressing out. Combine that with his ongoing TDS, and you have a powder keg about to blow. I’ve already gotten scorched a few times.

Baking, sewing, writing, a lot of reading…what else can I find to do indoors? In another room from Husband, of course.

©️2020 KT Workman


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KT Workman

KT Workman grew up in the rural South without the benefit of cell phones or the Internet, a time and place that has heavily influenced her writing. To this day, when she puts pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—nine times out of ten her mind veers south onto that old, familiar road. It goes home. KT resides in Arkansas where she writes a wide variety of gothic and speculative fiction, poetry, and dabbles in watercolor painting and amateur photography.

25 thoughts on “She’s Gonna Blow!”

  1. If you decide to serialize on your blog anyway, you might as well post on a site like wattpad or tapas. I love serialized fiction and I built my brand on wattpad. It’s so fun interacting with readers. 17k words is a good length for a wattpad story. I post full novels there myself (70k+ words) but shorter works do very well too.

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  2. To hell with politics…
    To hell with Democrats
    Boy and Girl Scouts everywhere!

    Blog for Blogging Sake and divorce the ignorant rake!

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  3. Wow! The frustration is so noticeably thick in this piece, I bet it can inspire a brand new way to dispatch the next “contrary” husband/character that shows up in your next gothic tale. Take heart, my friend. Everything comes to an end…even this lockdown. Luckily, I have a park right next to me. When the walls seem to begin closing in, I head over for some fresh air.

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    1. I get out too, but eventually have to return home, just so much walking I can do. But you’ve given me an idea…maybe it’s time for Louise and her Winnebago to hit the road.
      Thanks for stopping by, J. 😊

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  4. Hello, KT. Been a while, but found your face on a like button at my Soul’s Music site. Had to come and say “Hi!” and “How the hell are you?” Only to read about all your efforts to get through the present situation. Mine have been far more simple. April is National Poetry Month and we who write that stuff, set out to write a poem a day. I was invited to do it by a small group of women that had done it before. I was reluctant because I hadn’t done any writing for almost a year. All kinds of reasons. None of any value. Given the fact that I am a Hermit, social distancing is not difficult, lol. So, although my first pieces were a bit rusty, I’ve managed the task and even found a bit of the joy that started this whole writing journey.
    On another topic, I tried sewing a long time ago. Really tried, but never got that deep down good feeling from the experience. It wasn’t the sewing, but the cutting that gave me a problem. Scissors simply don’t feel right in my fingers. Awkward at best. Have a friend who is making masks and then donating them to places that need a constant supply. I think she is pushing at the two hundred mark, currently. Hats off to both of you.
    Just glad to see you again. Stay safe and hugs from the Hillbilly,

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    1. Happy to see you too, Elizabeth. And to read your poetry again. I’m a bit of a hermit myself, so social distancing has been no problem for me either, other than not not seeing my son and grandsons. But I will be glad when this is all behind us.


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