To Soar

To soar
Above it all
Be as the lone eagle
Free of earthly ties that strangle
A life

A life
Unborn, wings clipped
By karma’s unkind teeth
Fell from the nest too soon onto
Fate’s ground

Fate’s ground
Strewn with fierce rocks
Seeded in thorns and glass
Where nothing can grow…or spread wings
And fly

And fly
Unchained, unleashed,
Unshackled, unfettered,
Unrestrained, unconfined, unbound

I long to be
Foot loose and fancy-free
Sailing winds of my own making
To soar…

©2021 KT Workman

(Note: Crown Cinquain—a series of 5 (entire) Crapsey Cinquains, 25 lines total. Syllable count 2-4-6-8-2 in each stanza; written with breaks between stanzas. Rhyme is optional. The last line of the previous cinquain is repeated as the first line of the next cinquain. The final line of the last cinquain does not have to equal the first line of the first cinquain, but is optional.)

Credit for the definition goes to Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon.

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay

Published by

KT Workman

KT Workman grew up in the rural South without the benefit of cell phones or the Internet, a time and place that has heavily influenced her writing. To this day, when she puts pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—nine times out of ten her mind veers south onto that old, familiar road. It goes home. KT resides in Arkansas where she writes a wide variety of gothic and speculative fiction, poetry, and dabbles in watercolor painting and amateur photography.

20 thoughts on “To Soar”

    1. You are absolutely right—don’t know how I missed it. 🙄 Thank you for pointing out my error, Matt. I revisited and fixed.
      Tackle away…I’m sure you’ll come up with something quite interesting. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Andrew, though I hate to think “so many” feel as I do. Sometimes, I wonder if life is just too easy for most people. We don’t live in constant state of struggling and working our fingers to the bone just to keep hearth and home together, as it was in times past. We have too much time on our hands to think. And feel sorry for ourselves.

      Liked by 1 person

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