All About The Sky

As I stated in an earlier post, I am just beginning my watercolor painting journey, so don’t expect professional quality. That being said…

These two watercolor paintings were done for a class, its purpose to illustrate that a clear sky doesn’t have to be blue, especially when its the focal point. I must say, the yellow sky makes the entire picture more dramatic.

Dramatic Sky
Simple Sky

Though I do like the simplicity of the small boat bobbing on a blue sea under a blue sky. To me, it has an allover calming effect.

©2021 KT Workman

Published by

KT Workman

KT Workman grew up in the rural South without the benefit of cell phones or the Internet, a time and place that has heavily influenced her writing. To this day, when she puts pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—nine times out of ten her mind veers south onto that old, familiar road. It goes home. KT resides in Arkansas where she writes a wide variety of gothic and speculative fiction, poetry, and dabbles in watercolor painting and amateur photography.

35 thoughts on “All About The Sky”

  1. The self critic is always at work for artists. These are simple but lovely works. the dramatic sky is exactly how it appeared from my window, with the fires in Australia !

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          1. With numb fingers and painful joints, my typing has really gone down hill lately. Sometimes I look and the jumble of letters that were supposed to be words and forget what I was wanting to type.

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            1. I’m sorry to hear about your typing difficulties, but can well imagine forgetting stuff right in the middle of something. I do that too. And though I don’t have arthritis too terrible bad in my hands, my knees hurt most of the time. And my back…arthritis there too. It isn’t a picnic getting old, is it? I think if I hadn’t stressed my joints so badly when I was younger, maybe they wouldn’t be so painful now. But it was fun while it lasted, and I made good memories. Hope you did too.

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              1. Lots of memories. My knee problems started when I was 8 and my back problems when I was a teenager. A lot of my had problems might have to do with many injuries from motorcycle racing in my teens and then a few bad crashes bicycle racing in my 30s. But we might have had pain now if we lead boring lives. It’s better to have fun, rack up a lot of good memories and stories, than miss out on life and end up with all the pain and suffering in later life anyway.

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                1. You’re right, a person never knows what hand they’ll be dealt when it comes to aging. My doctor told me years ago that when you injure a joint, arthritis will settle into it sooner or later, and that wear and tear from an active life takes its toll also. Oh well…it is what it is.

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Neil. I know I’m slowly making progress—my mistakes teach me as much, if not more, than my successes—but am still having trouble getting the pigment/water ration correct for what I’m trying to paint. But I will soldier on…


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